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Signs you may want to change up you’re circle time

1.bored kids
2.sleeping kids
3.the rooster is paying more attention than the kids


Lesson of the day

1. Miss Turtle’s cell phone can’t swim.
2. Baby cheetahs purr real loud
3. Lettuce and tomatoes stuff up the toilet.

Back to work this week!

Its been chaotic, wild and just plain exhausting. I wouldn’t change it for the world. But I do have to say that the kids were WAY too hyper after a whole week off.

I should add Critter removal to my portfolio

So far this year, I’ve had to remove a rooster, an iguana, a cat and it’s kittens, rats, mice and a possum! Still waiting to find a partirdge in a pear tree. If it shows up in my center, I’ll probably be the one asked to remove it~

Guess you needed my flipflops more than I did.

Santa Claus with a little girl

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Seriously. When I went into my office I left my flipflops by the door. Someone stole them. We have a lot of that going on. Some of it is true need. I understand that. but seriously? Stealing my flipflops?! Those were the only ones that I had. And there is no way on earth that I am going into the shower without flipflops.The shower is absolutely disgusting. But that’s its own issue.

While I’m laughing about it now. (they’ve been replaced) I am also saddened by thefts in our building. Nearly everyone has had some thing stolen. And no one in our building has a lot to steal. Anything they have that’s sellable is probably the most valuable thing they own. One lady who literally only had the clothes on her back to start with had a sweater stolen. The management is now telling residents not to take their shoes off in bed, because someone might steal their socks. That sounds funny, but they are not kidding!

And the preschool center gets burglarized a lot. Apparently there is a secret market for used toys? Seriously though, stealing the Christmas gifts for low income preschool is seriously pathetic. I’m not sure why you feel the need to victimize two and three year olds. Those were the only gifts the kids would get. Maybe¬† they were stolen for your own child, but really, that doesn’t help!! and the kids did nothing to you to desrve having their gifts stolen.

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