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Signs you may want to change up you’re circle time

1.bored kids
2.sleeping kids
3.the rooster is paying more attention than the kids


Lesson of the day

1. Miss Turtle’s cell phone can’t swim.
2. Baby cheetahs purr real loud
3. Lettuce and tomatoes stuff up the toilet.

of course:

-A rooster walked into circle time. (and paid more attention than the kids.
-I called the schedule an aardvark.
-The photographer showed up on Pajama day.
-The possum is back in the art cabinet
-Management doesn’t see an issue with a broken wall and falling plaster.
-Our water has a high lead and copper content and looks like it came from the toilet. (used)
-Today is warm and sunny,but all the kids are in snow gear.
-I have been given some wonderful treasures!

What was I thinking?!

“please check the February aardvark to make sure its ok.” The look on my new staff members (who doesn’t really know me yet.) was totally priceless.

Just for today

Can there be dinosaurs in heaven? Please?

When I go to heaven, can there be dino-sours?

This was not a conversation I wanted at 4:30 on a Monday morning. Honestly I didn’t want to be awake at 4:30 in the morning. I was scheduled to start my day an hour later.But with seven children,one who is severely medically fragile things very rarely go as planned. Actually, lately, nothing has been going as planned. But  those issues are other blog posts. Back to Nadav and the dinos

Nadav is dino Crazy!He has dozens of plastic ones, books about them and makes them out of origami. (He’s also an origami fanatic). When he goes to the hospital, they put dinos on everything they can put a sticker on. He even has a giant stuffed dinosaur that’s nearly as big as he is that he drags…well just about everywhere. And I can’t blame him. I’f I’d had the start in life that he got, I’d be lugging a stuffed dino too. Lately he’s been having more and more issues with treatment reactions.

So at 4 am he started projectile vomiting. He was seriously upset about it. Not because he felt horrible,but because he woke me up. How many kids who are that sick worry about waking up their parents? I got him cleaned up and comforted and ready to try sleeping again. The whole time he just kept signing “I’m sorry.” It was heart breaking really. Right when I put him to bed, he hit me with his real issue. “Are there dinosaurs in heaven?”

I didn’t know how to answer that. “Do you want them?” was the best that I could do at the time. I was sort of in shock by the question. Talking about death with a six year old wasn’t ever something I’d prepared for. We have never actually talked about death and dying. Or that its a very real probability in his near future because of his combination of illnesses.But Nadav was totally sure what he wanted. “there are.”

I hope that he’s right. I hope that whenever he gets to heaven, at least for a while, there will  be dinosaurs.

Back to work this week!

Its been chaotic, wild and just plain exhausting. I wouldn’t change it for the world. But I do have to say that the kids were WAY too hyper after a whole week off.

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