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Christmas check list

  1. hang chains and projects the kids made = check
  2. gather gifts from angel trees and make packages for kids that arrived after deadlines=Check
  3. gather coats and blankets for donation drive-check

Fulfilling the wishes of 192 homeless families=Check

let the holidays begin!

Open letter to the person “Borrowing” from the preschool

I know that times are hard. I honestly do get that you’re desperate. I am too. And so are the people that you are “borrowing” from! You took the only sweater that a lady owned when she escaped from her abusive husband. You borrowed the only Christmas presents that some children would be getting, and now you took food from people just as hungry as you are. Does that make any sense?

I can get over that you stole my worn flipflops from my office. (While I was there). I can even get over you stealing my wheelchair so that the rest of my life is going to be really difficult. What I can’t get over is stealing from the school. We work hard to get the toys and equipment we have. It was a lot of work to get donations to give kids the best environment we possibly can.

I wish that I was able to help you. Do you need food? I can give you a list of shelters. Do you need money? we have an emergency fund. Do you need clothing? There is a whole table full for the taking. And I can get you blankets and a hygene kit, too. Do you need a clinic referal? I can give you that. Please just identify yourself somehow so I can get what you need, even if you just leave a note under my office door. I will try to give you whatever you need.

I know how hard it is to ask for help. Please try. I don’t even need your name, and I’ll put any referals where you won’t be identified.

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