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Whoohoo! I found a broom closet! (origionally March 9th,2011)

Whoohoo! I just found a broom closet! Yay! I wasn’t actually looking forĀ  a broom closet. I was on my way back from the bathroom and couldn’t find my room.Can I admit that I can get lost in the hallway a lot? I do. last week I found the shower the same way I found the broom closet.i got lost in space and took a wrong turn. Some day, I may figure out how to navigate, but I doubt it. We’ve been here three months and I get lost every time I go out the front door.

I really do get lost in space.Everything blurs together and tilts up. I may wander around outside my own front door for hours if Ry or one of the kids doesn’t catch me. To be fair, our room, 403B, is labeled as the kitchen and the shower is labeled “Don’t eat the paste.” So you you can’t blame me for getting confuzzalated.

And yes, Ry teased me about “coming out of the closet. “

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