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Progress with dolls

Today I was looking through a Kaplan catalog during break.I ended up looking at the dolls, because something caught my eye. It was the Native American dolls! Yes, realistic Native American dolls, a boy and a girl. They are not dressed in the stereotypical outfits with feathers and leather dresses. They were wearing the same pants and shirts as the other dolls.(Asian,Hispanic, Caucasian and African-American.) It made me feel so good! I haven’t ever seen a doll like me. Well, not entirely like me, since I pass for white, but like my daughter.I think its progress to have a Native American doll that any little girl(or little boy for that matter) can have access too. A doll dressed like every other  doll takes away the whole Native American Myth and shows that we are just like anyone else and dress the same as anyone else when we aren’t in a  ceremony.

Today’s questions:

  1. Have you ever thought about the Native American dolls in Toy Catalogs and used in classrooms.
  2. Would you (if you were a teacher) include these Native American dolls.
  3. Why don’t other school supply companies have those Native American dolls?
  4. What other Native American toys could be included?
  5. Are there other minority dolls that are not included?

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