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why are wheelchairs so expensive!

Just a random aside, I guess. I was given a wheelchair to use by the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful. But it’s too limiting for what I need. I am a very active person. And the chair is so heavy and difficult to maneuver that it’s slowing me way down. It is so big and clunky that it’s hard to transport. Its just hard to manage. And too heavey when I’m alone. It would be absolutely perfect if I didn’t go out a lot, or worked in a job where I wasn’t actually moving much.

But I teach preschool. I go out with friends, and I absolutely LOVE to ballroom dance. I need a chair that allows me to do that.

I found the ideal one. but there’s a catch. to have it adapted to what I need would cost almost $3,000. i don’t have that to spend. Not on a chair anyhow. But I was looking at others that might work and even the “cheap” ones are over $1000. WHY?

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