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Abominable Snow toddlers!

That’s exactly what they are when they have to go Now and the poor teacher (me) is trying to get them out of the durn things. I swear that who ever invented them didn’t actually have toddlers! And here’s the thing. We are in the same building that the kids live in, so there is no reason to put them in a snow suit. It doesn’t snow in our building.At least not in the last 2 years,anyway. Actually our building is so hot its usually about 80 degrees in our classroom. Absolutely no reason for snowsuits.

Then there’s the issue of overalls. Sure they look cute. But guess where the straps go during toileting? Yup!  So do the tails on onsies.And pretty dresses look cute, but you can’t really play outside or paint in them

Who comes up with kids clothing anyway?


Dude, What’s with the snails?

Seriously. It seems like every time I’ve turned around this week, A kid’s handed my a snail. And ofcourse I accept them, because the kids are all enthusiastic about their rather slimy treasures. Its hard to resist a three year old pulling on your shirt and practically shouting”miss turtle,Miss turtle. Look what I got.” as they thrust a snail at me like its a major prize. And for them ,it is. Any treasure they can find or catch is. Even though snails aren’t my treasure of choice, I will never show that to a child. Not when they went to the trouble of catching it for me.

And a farther comment on snails. Did you know that snails are artists? Yup, they are. They can paint. I can prove it. If you don’t believe me, just try this experiment.


1. catch snail

2. Put snail on black construction paper

3. Leave it alone for a few hours

4. Look at the result. The Snail painted!

5.Preserve artwork and watch parent’s faces when you tell them about the artist!

Helix pomatia, Helicidae, Burgundy Snail, Roma...

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