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Because I wasn’t there when Hannahlehe died. (Neuroblastoma, S4,age 13.)


Because  Davi (Jakie) Fought so hard


Because Annalynda (Brendalynne) is now 1.5 years NED


Because YY  doesn’t like chemo, and wants to go back to school with her friends.




I wear gold in September because my friend’s son is a Warrior,  two years NED.
(go Super Keegan!)


Because Childhood cancer is very often ignored.


Because most people think that childhood cancer gets as much funding as other cancers (it doesn’t)


Because I know That 46/7 is real, and touches way too many lives.


Because I know the struggle doesn’t end if the child survives.


Because I see the lasting scars long after Cancer goes away.


Because I have been there for the chemo, and the crying and the sick and yuckies.


Because in 20 years there has been only one new children’s chemo drug.


Because many children don’t get diagnosed till Stage three or 4, when it is much harder for desired outcomes.


Because Children matter and so does childhood cancer.




I don’t go Gold just to push a ribbon. I’m Not trying to give people “ribbon fatigue” and fight another cause. I do this because it is a real cause. It is cause I can put my spare energy into. It is a cause that I can give real examples of, having lost two children, and with 2 warriors. I also have the stories of many children at my center. So I can put a human face on the Statistics that I post. I try to spread REAL awareness, because many people don’t know the signs and symptoms of Childhood cancer. They don’t realize that its anything but rare (46 children a day diagnosed, 7 in the USA die every day). Understand, This is a cause close to my heart. I will always go gold for the children who have to fight the war against childhood cancer.






Comments on: "I go gold for childhood cancer because:" (4)

  1. What’s NED? And what’s 46/7? I’m not familiar with either of these.

    I think this is a VERY worthwhile cause to stand up for.

    • NED is No Evidence of Disease, meaning that tumor removal, radiation, chemo has at least temporarily gotten rid of cancer cells. After five years,it means survivor status. 46/7 is the number of children who are diagnosed in the USA every day (46) and how many die(7) .

      • Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying that 🙂

        I knew a guy not long ago who had survived childhood leukaemia five times, the first time being when he was just four years old, the last when he was 19. He was told time and again that he wouldn’t make it, but he kept fighting and beating the odds. It’d be nice if that was the usual story (survival), and with research it could be. That’s why I support this particular cause.

        In 2006, I shaved my head to raise money for research and support. That money primarily goes to support services for affected children and their families (helps them get to appointments, provides counselling, etc), and there are similar fundraisers that fund research directly. Why wouldn’t people get behind these causes, if they know what they’re for?

      • Thanks for your support! i can speak from experience that Recurrent leukimia is NOT fun, and survival for multiple rounds is actually rare.

        The problem is that there are so many causes that its hard to sort out which one is which. Thats why i try to do more than just go gold. i try to put a face on it.

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