My family, musings and life in the turtle pond

So tired of hospital!

Well,my body has figured out new and creative ways to betray me. Now I can’t move most of my left side at all! We aren’t sure if I had a minor stroke or if it was caused by something else. I’m getting used to it, since its been two days.But Its still hard.Having half your body be totally numb is really weird.

It’s amazing all the simple things I had been taking for granted. things like standing and walking. Now I can’t even do that. The hand that i use to hold my cane no longer works. So I am not sure how to walk if I felt up to it. So it looks like I’ll be in my wheelchair for now. At least I would be if someone hadn’t stolen it.

Other things that are really difficult now: dressing, brushing my hair and teeth,taking care of the kids, holding a book, feeding myself…basically, everything.

It just isn’t fair. i am trying so hard to get things done.


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